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Wah...wah...wah...Where's the Software?!          

By Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Director - Academic Computing Technical Services

Summer of 2013 was an interesting one for the UNT Denton campus. As one of my colleagues put it, the place looks like a child with a box of Legos and severe ADHD had its way on the campus! Construction everywhere! And everything moved to far-flung campus corners (has anyone actually found Wells Fargo Bank yet I ask you?) and housed higgledy-piggledy (love that term!) all over the place.

Fortunately, we do have many signs pointing the way to where the bank, the food (I love those green signs that simply say, "Food." on the new "Campus Chat" building! Can't get more basically informative than that!), the mail room etc are. However, I have not seen a sign anywhere that says, "Faculty,staff, and students - here is where your educationally-discounted software is!" I don't think that our new Barnes and Noble tent is going to sully its bright white exterior with big green signs that simply say, "Book." or "Software." (or perhaps "Green Hoodie.")! So we at UIT's Academic Computing and User Services in collaboration with several folks on campus are posting as many "virtual" signs as we can about where to get your discounted computing items for all of your work (and play!) needs.

So Where Do Students Get Their Software and Hardware Now?

Microsoft Web Apps?

Questions have been pouring in to me from students, faculty, and staff about their software needs and their confusion. Let me start with my answers to the students about their two most common questions: "What happened to the Microsoft Web Apps that used to be in EagleConnect?" and "Where can I get [insert favorite software application here] for cheap to download onto my computer because it is no longer on the shelf at the bookstore?" Fortunately for me, the Microsoft Web App and EagleConnect question has been answered in another article in this issue of Benchmarks Online. However, let me reiterate that information on getting those Web Apps is found directly on the UIT Helpdesk website at and if you are still confused you can call the friendly Helpdesk personnel at 940-565-2324.

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Discounted software and hardware?

On to the second question (which actually pertains to students, faculty and staff) about where to get discounted software applications for home and school use. The management at Barnes and Noble has instructed us that to get personal IT solutions at educational discounted prices UNT community members need to go to: This site is a partnership with Barnes and Noble and offers many of the same software at the same discounts as one used to be able to purchase off the shelves in the old Union bookstore. You will also notice that by clicking on their hardware tab that they have discounted hardware as well. The site is easy-to-use and you can find what you need in a snap.

On our Student Technology Tour site - - you will see on the page that we have provided links to the education stores of some of the major hardware manufacturers and these sites are where you can get hardware as well. This online solution has always been in place at UNT.

Based on my research for getting Microsoft Office in particular - I recommend the following:

This is the Office 365 University bundle offered at The current price cited is $119.95 and the product includes some additional productivity solutions.

- OR -

This is the Amazon Office 365 University purchase offer.

You will notice that the Amazon price for their Office 365 University is around $75. The difference appears to be that the Amazon product does not have additional productivity packages and it is a 4-year lease. It does, however, have the main Office apps so if that is all you need, this may be a good solution for you. Please note that both versions of the suite (Amazon's and Barnes and Noble's) require at least Windows 7 on your PC but do not indicate any minimum OS requirement for the Mac.

Answers and Technology Solutions for Faculty and Staff

As noted above, faculty and staff should also use the links I have provided to find educationally-discounted software and hardware for home use. Additionally, the hard-working managers at Barnes and Noble have brought back the inexpensive Microsoft Leasing Program for you. Jean Probst of the bookstore sends the following information:

All software is sold through a leasing program, where the faculty/staff member agrees to remove the software from his/her computer once no longer employed through the university. The software is licensed for one machine at a time, cannot be returned, and the faculty/staff member may only purchase one copy of each version. 

  • Office Pro Plus 2013 $16
    • Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access
    • Requires Windows 7 or 8
  • Office Pro Plus 2010 $16
    • Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access
  • Office Mac 2011 $14
    • Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
  • Project Pro 2010 $15
  • Visio Pro 2010 $15
  • Win 7 Ultimate Upgrade 32-bit $21
  • Win 7 Ultimate Upgrade 64-bit $21
  • Win 8 Pro Upgrade 32-bit $21
  • Win 8 Pro Upgrade 64-Bit $21

Additional non-Microsoft licensed software: 

  • EndNote X7 WIN $85
  • EndNote X7 MAC $85
  • McAfee VirusScan FREE Download*

*McAfee VirusScan is a free download from This free download is for all UNT community members.

Need to know if you computer is 32 or 64 Bit? Download the Windows Upgrade Advisor to find out at

Microsoft Home Use Program?

There is one other item about which we are receiving questions: The Microsoft Home Use Program for UNT Faculty and Staff which has been available at this location. Currently this service is disabled for UNT faculty and staff but ITSS personnel are working on a solution for this and when it is available again you will be able to read it guessed it! Benchmarks Online!

More Questions?

In the meantime any questions you have about software and hardware purchase can either be directed to me at and/or Jean Probst at the university bookstore at For a complete wrap-up of all computing services for the UNT Denton Community please see this article in last month's Benchmarks issue. And if anyone asks you how to find the UNT Denton campus, be sure to tell them just to look for the big green sign that says "Learning."; I am sure it is out there somewhere!


Originally published September 2013 -- Please note that information published in Benchmarks Online is likely to degrade over time, especially links to various Websites. To make sure you have the most current information on a specific topic, it may be best to search the UNT Website - . You can also consult the UNT Helpdesk - Questions and comments should be directed to