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Core Academy 

The Core Academy focuses on innovative, engaged teaching in University Core Curriculum classes and seeks to do this in a manner that increases student success and engagement. According to their website, "students benefit from the University’s commitment to supporting full time, experienced faculty who are pursuing the innovative development and re-visioning of lower division courses. Students also benefit from the interdisciplinary nature of the Academy as faculty from across disciplines work closely to share ideas, work through design issues, and where appropriate develop interdisciplinary courses and team teach."

Toward this goal, the Core Academy is launching a program to support the use of Calibrated Peer Review (CPR). A recent article in InHouse states "CPR is a web-based software system that allows faculty in classes of any size, from five to 500, to assign short writing assignments. CPR is a model for what the Core Academy hopes will be a first step towards the development of a collection of learning objects that will be relatively easy to implement and can be tied to required core objectives." Free workshops are being offered for those faculty who are interested in using the software in their 2012-2013 classes. Upcoming workshops are on June 28 and Aug. 2. You can register for workshops online.

For more information on the Core Academy, visit their website: