Campus Computing News

Sycamore to Sage

On the Move 

By Dr. Philip Baczewski, Senior Director of Academic Computing and User Services and Deputy Chief Information Officer for University Information Technology

After over 40 years in Sycamore Hall (formerly the Information Sciences Building), Academic Computing and User Services (ACUS) will be moving to Sage Hall, with services in the new building expected to be available by mid-June, 2012.  ACUS staff offices as well as Data Management Services will be relocated to the third floor of Sage Hall on the north end of that building. The University Information Technology (UIT) Helpdesk will move to the first floor of Sage Hall into a newly-constructed suite just inside the main entrances. 

sycamore to sage

Data Management

Data Management services will be located in Sage 336 and, although on the third floor, will be easily accessible due to the proximity of the building's elevator (see diagram.) The elevator is located near the north entrance of Sage Hall.  A ramp has been constructed outside that door to accommodate wheel chair access, and will also provide the quickest access if you are bringing large amounts of work to Data Management.

Data Management

Research and Statistical Support (RSS)

Research and Statistical Support (RSS) will also be located in the 336 suite of Sage Hall.  Rich Herrington and Jon Starkweather will now be in neighboring offices conveniently located near the main entrance from the hallway.  A larger consultation area will be available nearby for group consultation or informal instruction.


Academic Computing and User Services (ACUS)

The remainder of ACUS staff will be located in the 338 set of offices in the rear of the new space.  This will include the offices of the Deputy Chief Information Officer, High Performance Computing Services, and the other key service areas of ACUS.


University Information Technology (UIT) Helpdesk

The UIT Helpdesk will be located on the first floor of Sage Hall once the move is accomplished.  The Helpdesk will be in the central part of the buildling on the first floor near the maint entrances to Sage. The new Helpdesk room number will be Sage 130 and walkin as well as telephone support will be provided under the same schedule as is currently used (see for current hours.)


A Bit of History and a Look Ahead

As mentioned above, this move will mark the first time in 42 years that offices of UNT's central IT organization won't be located in Sycamore Hall. However, academic computing will be returning to the building that housed the start of ACUS and the Computing Center fifty years ago.  In 1962, an IBM 1401 computer was acquired to support academic research and Academic Computing and the Computing Center were founded to provide support for this new tool. However, IT is not altogether gone from Sycamore Hall.  The original mainframe machine room now serves as the network hub for all of UNT.

The move to Sage Hall also marks the establishment of the first large-scale computer testing center on campus. This facility, managed by ACUS, will provide a testing location for online, blended, and large enrollment classes. The first location will be open this Summer on the third floor of Sage Hall.  Additional testing space is planned for the first floor of Sage, in the same area that was once the Academic Computing Center. So in a sense, ACUS is just coming home.