Helpdesk FYI

By Jonathan "Mac" Edwards, UIT Helpdesk Manager

CITC Helpdesk now the UIT Helpdesk

As you may have read previously in Benchmarks Online, ACUS is now a member of University Information Technology. On Monday 4/9/12 the CITC Helpdesk changed our name to the UIT (University IT) Helpdesk. Most of our Websites and KB items should be updated already or will be soon.

Why are we making this change?

With the move of most CITC organizations to the UNT System level, there was a need to rename the CITC to better define the roles and reporting structure of the new IT divisions. Those IT divisions at the System Level are now referred to as Information Technology Shared Services or ITSS.

Former CITC groups that remained associated with the UNT Denton campus (such as ACUS) are now grouped under the University Information Technology or UIT name. More detailed information on who is doing what (and what names they are going by) can be found in the December 2011 issue of Benchmarks Online. Also, as stated in this month's "Campus Computing News,"  UIT now reports to Academic Affairs.

This will not change our service, but you will hear a new greeting when you call; don’t be alarmed!