The Microsoft Home Use Program

By Claudia Lynch, Benchmarks Online Editor

The Microsoft Home Use program has been available to UNT faculty and staff members for a number of years but has, perhaps, been a "well kept secret." The program enables those who are eligible to download and install Microsoft® Office software at a reduced price on their home computers. Additionally, they will be able to keep the software on their home machines, even if they leave the University.

The software purchase program (see "Microsoft Campus Agreement" for further information) is still available through the UNT Bookstore. If you are using a University computer, you could use the bookstore’s program for it and use the Home Use program for your personal machine, for example.

Visit the Home Use Program website to participate in the program. If you are unable to order the software from there, contact me, Claudia Lynch, at and I will help you to verify the program code. Contact the UNT Bookstore at 940-565-3185 for additional information about the Microsoft products available to faculty and staff and/or visit