Information Technology, Here and There

By John Hooper, Acting Vice President for Information Technology and CIO for UNT, Deputy CIO for the UNT System 

Recent announcements regarding the organization of Information Technology services within the UNT system may have readers wondering about how they will continue to receive IT services as we move forward under this new arrangement. The good news is that for those at most UNT system campuses and offices services will continue to be provided in the same manner and in most cases by the same people and IT groups that have historically been providing this support. There are a few changes coming to the names of the IT organizations at both the UNT System and the UNT flagship campuses that will replace the Computing and information Technology Center (CITC) name that is familiar to many.

In the August 2011 issue of Benchmarks Online, it was announced that employees from several divisions of the CITC would be moving from employment by UNT to employment by the UNT system and that other parts of the CITC would remain as local resources. Additional information on shared and local IT services under the new scheme were documented in the September 2011 issue. The employees in the shared IT divisions began reporting to the UNT System as of September 1 and those employees were transferred to the UNT System payroll as of December 1, 2011.

Some New Names

September also saw the launch of the name Information Technology Shared Services (ITSS) for the IT divisions now under UNT System management. A fledgling website has already been established for ITSS at More information about the management structure of ITSS will be forthcoming as this new organization continues to be defined.

The local IT services remaining associated with the UNT flagship campuses are Academic Computing and User Services (ACUS), Administrative Information Technology Services (AITS), Classroom Support Services (CSS), and Microcomputer Maintenance Services (MMS). These former divisions of the CITC will now operate under the name, University Information Technology (UIT).

The CITC name and branding will gradually be retired in favor of these new organization names. Since it may take a while to “disentangle” the elements that were formerly parts of the CITC, you may continue to see that name in documentation and be referred to parts of the CITC website until new online resources can be created. Benchmarks Online, however, will remain accessible at

Some New Roles

As previously reported in inHouse, I will continue to serve as UNT’s vice president for Information Technology and chief information officer while taking on the position of deputy chief information officer for the UNT System. Dr. Philip Baczewski has been appointed deputy chief information officer for UNT.  The UNT UIT divisions discussed above will report to Dr. Baczewski who will report directly to me. For now, Dr. Baczewski, who has been Director of Academic Computing and User Services since 2005, will continue to directly manage ACUS.

Katy Gallahan, previously with AITS ABN support, has accepted a position with UNT System ITSS as the director responsible for UNT System IT support services. Katy will be responsible for providing IT support services to all of the functions that have moved to the UNT System including the BSC, ITSS, the system offices, and other system units at locations on the UNT campus and elsewhere. In addition, she will be responsible for IT support services for UNT Dallas that is outsourcing their IT operations to ITSS. A few other staff members from AITS will be moving as well as a result of the transfer of their support load to the system.

Same Service Provision

In spite of the changes happening in the management of IT services at the UNT System and UNT Campuses, most people should not notice any day-to-day change in the IT service they are receiving or in who is providing that service. While technically separate organizations UIT and ITSS will continue to closely coordinate and work together to ensure a high-quality IT environment for the UNT campuses. Members of UNT academic departments will still continue to receive their desktop support from the academic IT staff. Furthermore, all members of the UNT community can still contact the UIT Help Desk if they have an IT question for which they can’t find an answer.

Organization Charts

  • ITSS Organization Chart December, 2011 -- See the attached PDF file.
  • UIT Organization Chart December, 2011 -- See the attached PDF file.
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