Helpdesk FYI

By Jonathan "Mac" Edwards, CITC Helpdesk Manager 

Using the Modify All Function in ITSM 7.6 (Remedy)

In the new version of Remedy there is a new modify all option that allows you to make changes to many tickets at once.  This can be especially helpful when you need to assign or resolve a number of similar tickets at once.

Open Remedy and chose Search.

This will open the Incident (search) window.

In our example we will search for “CITC Helpdesk Walk In” from the Summary field.


Click Search.

The Search results will appear near the top of your screen.  Shift-select the tickets you wish to modify, or click Select All, and then click Modify All.

 Modify All

You can now make the desired ticket changes, in our example we will choose to Resolve the ticket.

Choose Status*: Resolved, then choose your Status Reason.  In this example all of the tickets already have a resolution entry so one is not needed.

 Status Resolved

To save your changes you will need to click on the Refresh option in the top right corner of the screen.  A Confirm Save Request will appear, click Yes.

 Confirm Save Request

Another Confirm Save Request window will appear, click Yes.


The Modify All operation may take a few moments, once it completes all of your tickets will now be modified.