Staff Activities


New Employees:

  • Sadee Morgan, CSS Tech, Classroom Support Services (part-time).
  • Guillermo Pujol, CSS Tech, Classroom Support Services (part-time).
  • Rickey D. Thomas, IT Programmer Analyst, Student Records Team (AIS).
  • Rachel Burlage, Assistant Director for IT Compliance and Planning.
  • Karin Harbour, IT Programmer Analyst, Finance & Admin. Systems (AIS).
  • Sebastian Spaink, Information Security Intern (part-time).
  • Sina Bastami, ACS GAL Consultant (part-time).
  • Sarah Martin, ACS GAL Consultant (part-time).
  • Shelby Bellah, ACS GAL Consultant (part-time).

No longer working in the Computing and Information Technology Center:

  • Elliott Eitzmann, CSS Tech, Classroom Support Services (part-time).
  • Elise Bruns, CSS Tech, Classroom Support Services (part-time).
  • Tim Farmer, CSS Tech, Classroom Support Services (part-time).
  • Christopher Blackmon, CSS Tech, Classroom Support Services (part-time).
  • Jeremy Dunn, CSS Tech, Classroom Support Services (part-time).
  • Michael McAuliffe, IT Specialist, Disibuted Learning Support group.
  • Kevin Icharia, Student Assistant, Data Communications (part-time).
  • Alex Bahlburg, CSS Tech, Classroom Support Services (part-time).
  • Akshara Anugula, ACS GAL Consultant (part-time).
  • Amruta Duggiralla, ACS GAL Consultant (part-time).
  • Aravind Vadde, ACS GAL Consultant (part-time).
  • David Swingle, CSS Tech, Classroom Support Services (part-time).

Changes, Awards, Recognition, Publications, etc.

New Babies!

Congratulations to Mikal Henserling, ACS/Adaptive Lab Manager, and his wife Shera on the birth of their son, Tyson Parker Hensarling, on January 17, 2011 (4:31 pm. 8 lbs 5 oz & 19" long). Congratulations are also in order for Jonathan "Mac" Edwards, CITC Helpdesk Manager, and his wife Kristin, on the birth of their son Gideon Mack Edwards, on January 30, 2011 (8:21 am. 8lbs 5 oz & 19" long). Can you tell Mac is a proud pappa?

Service to UNT

Congratulations to Tammy Sprabary, Administrative Specialist, Telecommunications, Communications Services, who was recently recognized by InHouse for her 20 years of service to UNT.

Budding Author

She's Maggie Plauche, Business Analyst on the Student Admin. Business Analyst Team (AIS) by day, but in her free time she tends a vineyard, a greenhouse, guinea hens, a pond full of fish, and writes books. She has written and self-published two children’s books (so far) that depict her grandchildren as well as grand-nieces and grand-nephews as baby guineas. The name of the book series is ‘Guinea Run Vineyard’, The Adventures of Eli and His Friends. They're not for sale to the general public, yet, but Maggie has been approached to market them on a children’s book website. A third book is in the works and should be completed in July. You can say you knew her when!

You don't want to mess with her!  

Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Assistant Director - Academic Computing and User Services, won first place in creative empty-hand kata, first place in traditional weapons kata, and third place in sparring in her competition age/rank divisions at the 2011 Lone Star Open (North American Sport Karate Association) on February 11.