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Recruiting with CommGen

By Maggie Plauche, Business Analyst, Student Admin. Business Analyst Team (AIS)

The International Recruiting Center of the University of North Texas identified a need for utilizing a new delivered process in the EIS system called Communication Generation (CommGen).  Maggie Plauche and Jenny Brooks (Student Admin Business Analysts) worked with Dickie Hargrave (International Recruiting Manager) and her team, to establish requirements for implementing this new process.  CommGen is a new communication feature that allows International users to generate letters or emails to help recruit prospects that exist in EIS.

In the spring of 2010, this same team implemented the online prospect entry process in EIS.  The communication choice for these new prospects was determined to be email generation using CommGen.  Maggie completed an intense setup procedure with over 20 email templates to service International GRAD, UGRD and IELI prospects.  Testing began in early November of 2010.  CommGen went Live on December 4, 2010. The recruiting team has been able to send groupings of up to 200+ emails in a single run.  To date, they have sent initial contact emails to over 3,000 prospects.  The system is also configured to send follow-up emails to those prospects who have not already applied to UNT, totaling over 6,000 emails to date.  Dickie and her team have reported immediate success in email responses from prospective international students through the use of CommGen.