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Collaboration between the Murphy Center and TII

By Dr. Bradley Shope, Faculty Professional Development Specialist Services, CLEAR

This summer the Murphy Center for Entrepreneurship and the Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment, and Redesign have designed a collaborative course redesign project under the auspices of the Transformative Instruction Initiative (TII). The purpose of this project is to increase the number and scope of courses that address issues in entrepreneurship and to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in all students without regard to academic discipline.

Seven fulltime faculty were chosen to participate in this exciting project. The awardees will attend workshops, panel sessions and collaborative course enhancement sessions, forming a “Community of Practice” where individual fellows develop their own work through active exchange with other members of the cohort. Fellows will convene for a retreat during the week of May 17, participate in an online social networking site, work one-on-one with CLEAR and Murphy Center staff, and meet on June 2 for final presentations of course re-designs. 

Projects supported through this fellowship program will infuse engaged learning techniques in order to enhance student learning related to entrepreneurship. Faculty Fellows will “transform” units or lessons in one course that they will teach during the subsequent academic year, implementing problem-based learning or other experiential learning strategies for that portion of the course. The initiative will provide opportunities and support for instructional design, assessment, and/or research related to innovative instruction across disciplines and instructional modes.

UNT is emerging as a state and national leader in the design of innovative and assessment-driven instruction. Faculty working with the Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Redesign (CLEAR) in the Blended Learning project, QEP, and Next Generation Courses are playing key roles in the state’s “course redesign” initiatives. These initiatives are intended to provide a high level of engagement for students, and to support their academic success. The Murphy Center for Entrepreneurship promotes free enterprise through partnerships among students, faculty, and businesses conducting successful entrepreneurial enterprise programs.


Accepted Applicants:

Neilesh Bose – History HIST 4260 Contemporary South Asia  $3,000

Ryan Garlick – Computer Science and Engineering CSCE 4890 iPhone Development  $3,000 
Marjorie Hayes - Theatre Program, Dance, & Theatre THEA 3100 Director's Ensemble  $3,000 Nancy Stockdale - History HIST 4263 A History of Modern Middle East  $3,000
James Thurman - Studio Art ASTU 4150 MetalSmithing and Jewelry Studio  $3,000 Joseph Walker – Kinesiology, Health Promotion, Recreation RECR 4200 Commercial Recreation  $3,000

Melody White - Information Technology & Decision Sciences  BCIS 5110 Structure of Programming Languages  $3,000


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