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Minutes provided by Susan Richroath Recording Secretary*

The IRC -- unofficially now known as the INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COUNCIL (ITC) -- is currently undergoing a reorganization, see the May 20, 2008 minutes for more information.**>

September 15, 2009

Members present: Joe Adamo, Philip Baczewski, Lou Ann Bradley, Warren Burggren (chair), Jim Byford,  Cengiz Capan, Tim Christian, Renee Drabier, Katy Gallahan, Noreen Goggin, Jane Himmel, Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, John Hooper, Bruce Hunter , Maurice Leatherbury, Frances May, William Moen, Ramu Muthiah, Patrick Pluscht, Wil Clark for John Price, Susan Richroath (secretary), Charlotte Russell, Joey Saxon, and Will Senn Members absent: Judith Adkison, Joel Arredondo, Jim Curry, Kelly Donahue-Wallace, Yunfei Du, Kevin Eades, Melissa Jackson, Abraham John, Troy Johnson, Alan Livingston, Jon Nelson, and Zheng Xiang Guests:  Richard Anderson

 The minutes of the previous ITC meeting,  July 6, 2009, were approved with no recommended corrections.

Reorganization of IT at the campus level 

Maurice Leatherbury provided a briefing on the reorganization of IT at the campus level.   The University is conducting a national search for a chief information officer at a vice president level for IT.  Maurice Leatherbury has been named the acting CIO until the position is filled.

 UNTNET infrastructure upgrades

Joe Adamo provided a Power Point presentation regarding UNTNET infrastructure upgrades, building switch upgrades, and wireless upgrades. The new infrastructure design will increase capacity and allow for redundant connections.  Juniper is the new hardware vendor.  The installation schedule is: add new core July-August 2009, add new distribution routers Fall 2009-Spring 2010, and add second core Spring 2010-Summer 2010.  There is a partnership with Denton ISD for fiber connections with the Discovery Park.   

National Science Foundation meeting

Warren Burggren shared information from a recent National Science Foundation meeting he attended regarding national trends in scientific data collection and limited storage.  He suggested we invite Vish Prasad to a future meeting to discuss data storage. 

Pandemic preparedness

There was brief discussion regarding pandemic preparedness.  Risk Management is heading the charge of this issue and is still discussing how the University would handle any type of closure and distant learning possibilities.

Next meeting 

The next meeting is scheduled for November 17, 2009 at 2 p.m. in GAB 210.

Meeting adjourned.



*For a list of IRC Regular and Ex-officio Members click here (last updated 12/12/08). Warren Burggren is now the Chair.

**DCSMT Minutes can be found here.