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  • Campus Computing News

    Classroom Support Services

    Classroom Support Services' Spring 2015 Classrooms Update

    By Ashley Olsberg, Classroom Support Services (CSS) Manager 

    Welcome to a new semester! We look forward to working with you this semester.

    As a result of extensive work with Faculty, Staff and Students last semester regarding how to improve the classroom experience, the CSS team worked to develop a plan based on your feedback and put these plans into action during the down time between semesters.

  • Campus Computing News

    Talon Logo2

    Talon HPC Cluster Ribbon Cutting

    By Dr. Philip Baczewski, Director of  Academic Computing and User Services

    The newly-acquired Talon High Performance Computing Cluster received its ceremonial debut during ribbon cutting event on November 19, 2009.

  • Campus Computing News

    Project Management visual representation

    CITC Portfolio & Project Management Update

    By Andy Novak, EPM Project Manager and Manager, CITC Project Management Office (PMO)

    The Computing and Information Technology Center (CITC) is in the midst of deploying an Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management System which will help provide greater transparency/operational visibility, enhanced team communication/collaboration, and more consistent delivery to our customers at UNT.

  • The ACUS/Adaptive Technology Lab Moves to ISB 104

    ACS Lab Logo

    By Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Assistant Director - Academic Computing and User Services

    The ACUS/Adaptive Technology General Access Computer Lab has completed its move from ISB 110 to ISB 104. Now located in the front of the Science and Technology Library, the lab will allow greater access for persons with disabilities.

  • Planned Outage to the myUNT portal and EIS Learning Solutions for Software Upgrade

    myUNT logo

    By Cathy Gonzalez, EIS Training, Communication, and Administration Manager, CITC 

    Some portions of EIS, the university's Enterprise Information System, are being upgraded to an enhanced version of software.

  • Campus Subscription to Higher Education Newsletters

    Teaching Professor Newsletter Logo

    By Jane Himmel, Associate Director, CLEAR

    Faculty will be pleased to learn that the University of North Texas has negotiated a group online subscription allowing campus members free access to the Online Classroom & The Teaching Professor higher education newsletters produced by Magna Publications.

  • Thanksgiving Hours

    General Access Lab logo

    By Claudia Lynch, Benchmarks Online Editor

    Turkey Day is just around the corner; hard to believe!

  • Skype Should Rule the World!

    Skype logo

    By Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Assistant Director - Academic Computing and User Services

    Well, at least in my humble opinion it should!

  • What We Do All Day (In Case You Were Wondering)

    Project Management visual representation

    By Allen Bradley, Computer Systems Manager, AIS Business & Process Management

    The CITC is always looking for ways to improve our efficiency and increase the quality of service we provide to our users. To that end, we implemented Microsoft Project and are now reaping big rewards.

  • Why do we share...?

    Sharing illustration -- wires and red phone.

    By DaMiri Young, HPC Systems Administrator

    The topic of efficient resource sharing has been and continues to be hotly debated amongst computer scientists, system programmers, and system administrators. However, before diving in, let's consider why we even share at all?