Benchmarks - April, 2014

Campus Computing News

Classroom Support Services

CSS Classroom Technology & Service Refresh

By Ashley Olsberg, Classroom Support Services (CSS) Manager 

During the Summer 2014 term, Classroom Support Services (CSS), will be upgrading all of the projectors and computers installed in CSS-supported UNT classrooms.* CSS staff members have spent the past several months meeting with various groups to discuss the possibility of upgrading all 293 existing CSS classroom systems. I want to start off by thanking everyone who participated in these discussions.

Electronic Account Security

Hacker breaking into a computer

By Chris Stoermer, IT Manager, UIT-AITS

By now, I am sure everybody has heard about the web services vulnerability called, “Heartbleed.” The vulnerability was found in certain versions of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol for web servers.

The Heartbleed Bug and You

Heartbleed Bug graphic

By Dr. Philip Baczewski, Senior Director of Academic Computing and User Services and Deputy Chief Information Officer for University Information Technology

It's been hard to escape the recent news regarding the Heartbleed Bug that has the potential to allow the discovery of information from otherwise secure Internet services. It's rare when an IT security issue becomes frontpage and local evening news fodder, and it's natural to be worried about the security of our online information in light of the many reports about this bug. If you are not an IT expert, it may be difficult to assess and know how to respond to this potential online threat. Perhaps this article will help to clear up some questions people may have.

Windows XP: Almost gone, not forgotten

RIP WIndows XP Gravestone

By Claudia Lynch, Benchmarks Online Editor

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP on April 8, almost thirteen years since it was released. According to CNET nearly one-third of the world's PCs are still running XP, "an enduring popularity that's proved a double-edged sword for Microsoft, which has been forced to extend support for the elder statesman of OSes." Ironically, or maybe not, some of those PCs belong to the Internal Revenue Service

New Horizons' SpecTECHular Open House

New Horizons Logo

By Claudia Lynch, Benchmarks Online Editor

New Horizons is a DIR vendor that provides technology training across Texas and beyond. Every year they host a free SpecTECHular open house. This year's Open House is scheduled for May 8. 

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By the Numbers

Down the Corridor of Years


Benchmarks Online publications from 2000 note:

  • UNT implements a self-service web application for financial aid.
  • UNT implements a residence hall data network named ResNet.
  • SPSS for CMS is removed from the academic mainframe because it is not Y2K compliant.
  • UNT upgrades its total Internet bandwidth from 9 Mbps to 90 Mbps.
  • Plans to build an expansion to the Information Sciences Building are announced. The expansion and resulting additional space is planned to be shared between the Computing Center, the Microcomputer Maintenance Shop, and Classroom Support Services.
  • After more than a year of development, UNT's "Bulk Student E-mail" system is in place and operational.
  • Linux systems were added to some UNT General Access computer labs.
  • The General Access Labs celebrate their 10th birthday

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