Academic Computing and User Services

The mission of Academic Computing and User Services (ACUS) is to deliver information technology services and infrastructure in support of research, instruction, and learning within a framework of communication, integrity, and accountability. ACUS serves students, faculty and staff as a first point of contact for computing use on campus; provides an enterprise IT Helpdesk service; operates the SYMR 104 General Access and Adaptive Technology Lab; furnishes considerable documentation and instruction on information technology and educational applications; offers exam processing and grading as well as research data compilation services to faculty; administers computer classroom facilities, computer-based testing facilities, resource management services, and strategic research and instructional software licensing and access; and supports a superior level of high performance research computing infrastructure and data visualization technologies. To accomplish this mission, ACUS employs knowledgeable and professionally active research and technical consultants who have an effective combination of academic experience and technical expertise.

Academic Computing and User Services is a division of University Information Technology (UIT). ACUS provides a variety of computing services to the academic community. ACUS is located in Sage Hall, Suites 336/338. The general telephone number, (940) 565-2324, will connect you to someone at the UIT Helpdesk. TDD access is available at 1-800-RELAY-TX. Individual staff members can also be contacted directly via office phone or electronic mail. ACUS provides the following services to the academic community:

UIT Helpdesk

The Helpdesk provides in-person and telephone consulting services, hands-on instruction, and documentation to student, faculty and staff users of centralized computing and network facilities at UNT.

Student Computer Lab & Adaptive Lab

The ACS Student Computer Lab & Adaptive Lab, located in SYMR 104, is part of the campus-wide system of Student Computer Labs available to all UNT students. The mission of this lab is to provide general services to the UNT community with an emphasis on the special features that Academic Computing Services has to offer including helpdesk support and research assistance. Additionally the ACS lab is the designated adaptive lab on campus providing state-of-the-art adaptive equipment for those who need it. For more information about adaptive services on the UNT campus visit the Office of Disability Accommodation. The lab hours usually follow those of the Eagle Commons Library.

Classroom and Testing Desktop Services

Classroom & Testing Desktop Services (CTDS) supports the goals of the University by facilitating a technical environment that enhances learning, research and testing through the use of technology. CTDS provides technical management for the Sage Hall Testing Center and manages four student computing classrooms located at Discovery Park. 

Research and Statistical Support Services

Research and Statistical Support Services provides support services on data acquisition and statistical analysis for faculty members and students at UNT. The data acquisition service includes access to data from the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) and other downloadable data for political and social research. Other services include consultation, application support, and instruction.

High-Performance Computing Services

ACUS High-Performance Computing provides a number of cluster systems which are designed for compute-intensive scientific research. ACUS also supports several other centrally-administered computer systems which are available for research and instruction.

Documentation and Training Services

Documentation and Training Services provides written and on-line documentation for a variety of software products supported by UIT. Documentation Services also produces Benchmarks Online, a monthly Web-based newsletter.

Data Management Services

Data Management Services is responsible for research data entry and automated scanning services for test scoring and course evaluations.

Computing Technical Services

ACUS Computing Technical Services provides infrastructure support for delivery of ACUS services via system administration services and software license management.

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